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How does it work?

開発したVPT(振動パネル技術 vibrational panel technology)によって、Aminaは従来の典型的なコーン型のデザインをフラットなパネルに置き換えることができました。






Amina Edgeシリーズはあらゆるスペースの意匠を維持する為、壁や天井などに一体化施工しながら、高品質のサウンドを提供できるように設計されています。仕上げ表面は壁紙・塗装仕上げ向き。

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How it works



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Alternative Covering Materials


Where drywall building techniques are not being used, or for where there is a specialist covering material, Mobius Series loudspeakers provide a flexible sound solution for a range of design-led finishes.

How it works

Engineered to work with the covering material, Mobius loudspeakers can be installed into a number of different materials or with a variety of finish options.

Whether installed behind wood, leather, natural stone veneer or other high quality laminates or into a solid blockwork, a wet plaster skim or even a specialist finish such as acoustic or polished plaster, Mobius loudspeakers provide ultimate installation flexibility.


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Mobius Finish Options

Wood Material


Whether the design calls for natural wooden panelling or manufactured board, Amina Mobius speakers can easily be installed into wooden structures.

The speaker should be covered with 2-3mm of wood, meaning that sheet stock should be machined down to this thickness of material. For veneer applications, it may be more suitable to construct a ‘frame’ using the mounting board, with the speaker applied directly to the rear of the veneer.

Mobius loudspeakers may be ordered with adhesive pre-applied, allowing them to be stuck directly to the wood. Loudspeakers should always be braced to the rear, giving additional mechanical reinforcement.

For more information on wood installation, please consult the wood installation guide.


Example applications

Built into furniture, historic wooden panelling, conference room table, media wall

Leather Material


Whether an entire wall is to be finished with leather-wrapped panels, or a small leather accent feature is to be used, Amina Mobius loudspeakers can be installed behind both natural and synthetic leather.

Thin and lightweight leathers should be laminated onto a wooden board using a suitable contact adhesive. The wooden board should be machined to a thickness of 1-2mm in the location of the loudspeaker itself, providing adequate support for the leather.

Thick or heavier leathers may also need to be mounted to a board, however may have the loudspeaker adhered directly to the rear of the leather.  

Mobius loudspeakers may be ordered with adhesive pre-applied, allowing them to be stuck directly to the wooden paneling or leather itself. Loudspeakers should always be braced to the rear, giving additional mechanical reinforcement.

Example applications

Leather-wrapped headboard, leather-wrapped paneling, ceiling panels

Plaster Material

Wet plaster skim

Where a full wet skim is required to cover a loudspeaker, Mobius can be installed and finished with a 2mm covering of plaster.

With options for either cavity (wall and ceiling) or solid blockwork installation, Mobius loudspeakers have been voiced for a 2mm covering of standard multi-finish plaster, however they can work with a range of alternative or specialist plaster finishes.

Finishes such as polished plaster, acoustic plaster, joint compound, plaster of Paris, glass reinforced plaster (GRP) and other traditional plaster finishes (lath and plaster, lime plaster, waterproof sculpted plaster etc) can also be used. Plastered surfaces may be finished with paint and wallpaper.
Please note that some plaster finishes may require an adjusted installation method. Please contact your distributor for more information if required.

Example applications

Cavity and solid walls/ceilings, painted, wallpaper and other decorative finishes including gold leaf.

Stone Material

Stone Veneer

Whether a natural or synthetic stone veneer is to be used, Mobius loudspeakers may be adhered directly to the rear of a 1-3mm veneer.

With incredible advancements in stone veneer technology, thin veneers of natural stone such as slate, sandstone, marble or cast materials such as concrete veneers can be applied to backing sheets to allow easy integration into a range of designs.
Some synthetic stone materials such as Corian® may be milled down to the desired thickness in the location of the speaker.

Please contact your distributor for more information on how to integrate Mobius speakers with a stone veneer.


Example applications

Full wall covering, feature wall, media board, furniture or design accent.

Fabric Material


Whether fabric is being adhered directly to a plastered wall or ceiling, being wrapped onto paneling or being stretched onto a frame, Mobius loudspeakers can be easily integrated, allowing for uninterrupted design with a tactile finish.

Acoustically transparent materials can be used in-front of a loudspeaker, but will not require direct adhesion. Non-transparent materials may require direct adhesion to the loudspeaker. Depending on the fabric properties and construction design, Mobius loudspeakers are commonly installed into wooden paneling and are then wrapped in fabric. For more information on fabric installation, please contact your Amina distributor.



Example applications

Fabric wrapped media walls, headboards, fabric wall panels, stretched fabric ceilings, projector screens

Amina loudspeakers are not supplied with covering materials, they are designed to work with the existing finishes and construction materials used within the property. For more information, contact your local distributor.




Derived from an experiment in immersive audio by the British Ministry of Defence in the early 1980s, Vibrational Panel Technology allows a loudspeaker cone to be replaced by a flat panel. This creates a complex series of ‘tuned’ surface vibrations which generate acoustic energy. This is very similar to the way in which an acoustic musical instrument works.

Room-Filling Sound

Unlike a conventional loudspeaker cone, VPT loudspeakers generate what is known as an incoherent-phase waveform. This means that the acoustic energy generated by the panel interacts in a summative way with the room reflections, leading to an incredibly smooth room-filling sound rather than the typical hot spots and tonal colouration associated with direct phase correlation.

Wide Dispersion

With a complex array of vibrations and associated incoherent-phase waveform, a VPT loudspeaker has the incredible benefit of full 180° audio dispersion. This means that whether you are stood directly underneath an Amina loudspeaker, or on the opposite side of the room, you will experience the exact same sound quality. This is unlike a conventional loudspeaker which becomes very directional at high frequencies.

Full Bandwidth

It is a myth that invisible loudspeakers are limited in audio performance. The general assumption is that by being positioned behind plaster or other finishing material, the speaker sounds ‘muffled’. This is just not true and has to be experienced to be believed. The loudspeaker works with the covering material to generate incredible detail and clarity. With advancements in panel materials, Amina loudspeakers can also produce incredible bass.